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Oak Log Homes: Redefining Green.
Log homes are becoming recognized as a leading building method for green
construction - homes that are energy efficient, built using sustainable
resources, have a low 'carbon footprint,' and use a minimal of energy in
production and construction.

Oak log homes are particularly green, and Gastineau log homes was the first
log home producer to have a certified verifier on staff - an engineer trained
and authorized to verify that materials and construction methods conform to
the National Association of Home Builder's Green Building Program.

That is a true commitment to responsible stewardship of the earth's resources.

The following is taken from the
Gastineau Log Home website:
Oak takes longer to grow.  Isn’t it more environmentally conscious to use a softwood that grows
An inventory of the Missouri forests was conducted as a joint effort between the Missouri Department of
Conservation and the USDA Forest Service. The results show that Missouri’s forests have increased by more than
half a million acres from 1999 to 2003. This study also concluded that Oak trees occupy over 75% of Missouri’s
forests. Missouri’s forests are growing more wood than is being harvested. The study also showed that Missouri’s
forests are expanding and are in good health.

Another environmental issue is the longevity of any product that you use. An oak log home is going to last longer,
without chemical treatment, then other species of log home. Build it to last the first time and you won’t have to
replace it later!

Are Oak logs energy efficient?
The energy efficiency of a log wall is determined by the width of the log where the logs are joined, the sealant
system used between the logs, the R value of the wood and the Thermal Mass of the wall. Our 8” thick oak logs,
superior sealing system between the logs, the R rating and the thermal mass make our oak logs unmatched in terms
of energy efficiency compared to any other log in the industry.

And our standard R40 minimum roof system is even more important when examining the energy efficiency of the log
home package you purchase. When comparing log home packages, the structural design of the roof will determine
the R-value of the roof you can achieve. This is a critical element in the cost of heating and cooling your home.

A couple of real life examples to prove our point:

Dennis and Eileen Illies are our Gastineau Log Home dealers in Wasilla, Alaska. Please give them a call, especially
in January or February, and ask them if a Gastineau Log Home is energy efficient. Plus the 8” oak logs have the
added benefit that the Alaskan bears can’t break down the walls – just another reason to buy a Gastineau Log Home.

Bill and Marsha Kragelund have a free standing (open to the public) Gastineau Oak Log Home model near Anita,
Iowa. He heats and cools his 3000 sq. ft. model (using geothermal) for a dollar a day. Ask Bill to see his bills.
Special Report:
The Energy Performance of Log Homes
prepared by the Log Home Council of the
National Association of Home Builders
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