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The Shamrock
1,360 sq. ft.
A great log home starts with a great idea that becomes a functional,
flowing floor plan.  With years of experience in designing an producing
custom homes for our homeowners, Gastineau Log Homes has developed
one of the finest catalogs of log home plans you'll find anywhere.  

On this page are a sampling of plans that began as owner-inspired
customer designs. These represent a wide variety of tastes and styles for
your consideration. Use these as a springboard for your own ideas,
resting assured that we can help you take even the most fuzziest of
mental pictures and translate them into a design that will perfectly match
your family's lifestyle.   
"All of our plans are custom designs; some just have a bit of a head start."  
                                                                                                                                               ~  Paul Horst
Plans and Designs
The Timbercreek
The Caroline
Click on  the illustrations below to see a printable floor plan of each design.
The Julianna
The Seven Gables
Click here to see the 1st floor plan
Click here to see the 2nd floor plan
1,710 sq. ft.
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Did you know...
That the heartwood of oak is
rated as resistant to decay as
cedar and cypress?
1,905 sq. ft.
1,790 sq. ft.
Your 1st Choice for the home of your dreams.