I always knew that someday I would own a log home.  Then, a couple of years ago, a tornado came right over my
home, narrowly missing us.  We thought then about how little protection most homes offer as opposed to the strength
and integrity of a solid log wall, and made up our minds that it was time to act.

We were immediately attracted to
Gastineau log homes because they offered solid oak logs.  But I found that that
was just the beginning.  When we met Lynn Gastineau, the company’s owner and president, we were impressed by
her genuine honesty and commitment to producing a superior home.  The quality of a Gastineau home goes way past
the wood – it’s in everything they do.  They even have a licensed structural engineer on staff who oversees every set
of plans and makes sure that the homes are designed to ensure decades of safe, trouble free living.  That
commitment moved us to go past being a Gastineau customer to becoming a their exclusive representatives for
Northern Indiana.

After being involved in other businesses for most of our lives, this is where we want to be and what we want to be
doing – helping facilitate dreams.  Our goal is to provide a product backed by unsurpassed service that will exceed
your expectations and deliver an experience that goes beyond contentment… true peace of mind.

Our new
Gastineau Oak Log Home is currently in the planning stages and will get underway soon.  Please allow
Jackie and I to keep you up to date as to our progress and to share with you our journey toward log home living.  

We look forward to serving you.

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Hello, and welcome to 1st Choice Oak Log Homes.

I’m Paul Horst.  My  wife, Jackie, and I are your Gastineau Log Homes authorized
representatives for N.W. Indiana and selected Illinois counties.  Let us tell you just
why we chose Gastineau for our own log home, and why we were so impressed
with the company and their product that we became their dealer.

My background in forestry has led me to a deep appreciation for the qualities
inherent in hardwoods – strength, durability, beauty, and sustainability. From this
respect has grown a passion for log homes, what I consider to be the most
structurally sound and beautiful homes that can be built.

Jackie's hands-on experience as a now retired AT&T service technician and in real
estate and remodeling projects in the Chicago suburbs, combined with her natural
flair for design and color, has brought us both together in the realization that the
home we build together must be something truly special.
Your 1st Choice for the home of your dreams.